"Primero... el casting para ingresar a CQS es la cosa más fácil. Solo es necesario tener muchísima pasión y amor por la Quiropráctica, por brindar una perfecta atención a la gente, por compartir toda esta gran sabiduría que sabemos no es nada fácil.
Ahora, compartir una de las cosas que yo más amo en mi vida aquí en Perú y con Liam, es lo más gratificante del mundo, puesto que recibo constantes actualizaciones de cómo tratar a los miembros de mi oficina, cómo hablar en público, cómo captar más miembros, cómo compartir el mensaje de la Quiropráctica sin diluirla y aplicándola de una forma muy pura, además de capacitarnos con excelentes colegas internacionales y certificados en la técnica impartida y en ocasiones gratis, o con un mínimo de inversión.... ¡nadie lo supera!
Sé que es importante el sueldo... por supuesto, nadie come agradecimientos y vive de abrazoss... Pues gano más del 400% de lo que ganaba en Mexico, a la semana, digamos que me va increíble...
Mi mejor experiencia del mundo"

Jazael Poceros


“Thanks for supporting our NB student club by helping us kick off our first philosophy jam.”

Katelyn Niemec - President of New Beginnings Club - Sherman College - Spartanburg, South Carolina - U.S.A.


“It was great to hear you speak at lyceum in Nz. thanks for sharing the big idea.”

Frank Sandberg


“ Thank you for helping us conquer our fear in Chiropractic and in life! I will take your advice and use my hands, head, and most importantly my heart to reach the world and allow people to reach their fullest potential!”

Vanessa Ransom (Future Best Chiropractor in the World) - Davenport, Iowa - U.S.A.


“Thank you so much for taking the time to bring out the traits in us to become the next successful chiropractor. This is the second time I heard you speak and like the last time your excitement and vision for chiropractic has encouraged and brought out the enthusiasm in me for this profession. i'm really excited about chiropractic taking over one country at a time, one spine at a time.”

Angie D. Recendez Davenport, Iowa - U.S.A.


“Thank you for the strong message. it really helps us to release our "genius" within. Keep in touch. We are so looking forward to do this again in the near future”

Jenny Li - WCWC Vice President - Palmer College - Davenport, Iowa - U.S.A.


“Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to experience Chiropractic in Peru. After observing doctors at CQS, I know I am on the right path toward chiropractic, and wanting to provide the best health care for others. Many chiropractors have lost their purpose and calling towards Chiropractic that is shame to see it lost within our profession. You are absolutely right, now is a historical transformation, and it is absolutely exciting to be part of it.

Soon, the world will recognize the power and need of chiropractic, and I want to be ready when that moment comes. Just as Clarence Gonstead said "Be prepared when demand of Chiropractic care increases, our future will be our results" After your presentation at Palmer, I knew that I wanted to be part of your team, it is so rare to come across a successful chiropractor who has the vision beyond others. The experience in Peru really focused my purpose, and empower me with endless possibilities of Chiropractic. Thank you for everything.

Let our hands touch the world, make a difference by serving it. Happy New Year.”

Jenny Li


“Great to meet you at Lyceum on the weekend! You were an inspiring ball of energy and I know that you were a hit! Well done. Keep "dropping those keys" mate!”

Sheridan Brady-Kay


"THANK YOU so much for gracing us with your illuminating presence at DG. It was wonderful to finally meet you and hear you speak after hearing so much about you. Your inspiring energy is contagious ... thank you for opening doors and giving us all a push!".

With love and gratitude
Ali Postles


“ I arrived in Peru exactly 4 days after graduating from chiropractic school ready to solve the problems of the world with the Schübel Systems. After less than three years here I have given many health talks in the community, I have done many interviews on national televisión and radio and I have opened a successful office. Most importantly though is that I have touched the lives of thousands of people. I couldn’t be happier with my experiences or the oportunites that await me! Thank you Schübel Systems for giving me the means and support to go out and adjust millions of people with certainty. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to grow as a chiropractor, educator, business person, and friend of your organization. ”

Dr. Emily A. Broniak, D.C.


“Just got home from being a part of your inspiring energy for chiropractic at Lyceum!!! Thanks so much for coming to New Zealand. Kind Regards”

Talita Lane