Judd Nogrady, D.C.

Graduated chiropractic college in 1995 and rapidly went to 500 visits a week in a solo practitioner office located in upstate New York.

After ten years of active solo practice he decided to expand his service impact and within three months opened 5 ALL CASH offices in and around New York City.

Currently he sees practice members from a home office and one satellite office where he sees extremely high volume (300 a day) specializing in infants and newborns. 70 percent of his practice members are under 12.

He is the author of two chiropractic books. CAST TO BE CHIROPRACTORS with Dr. Liam Schubel and GOLD with Dr. Irene Gold.

He is a consultant with Howe construction which buys and sells real estate in and around New York City.

Dr. Judd and his family currently reside on an active working farm in Montgomery, New York which specializes in beyond organic spinach, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and butternut squash.