Dominican Republic





• Independencia
• Jesús María
• Lince
• Los Olivos
• San Borja
• San Juan de Lurigancho
• San Juan de Miraflores
• San Miguel
• Surco
• Ica
• Trujillo I
• Trujillo II
• Chiclayo I
• Chiclayo II
• Piura


• Santo Domingo
• Bella Vista






Meet some of our Doctors

  Dr. Broniak is a passionate chiropractic pioneer who has opened 4 new offices in the outlying areas of Northern Peru in order to bring chiropractic closer to the people... Learn More
  Dr. Colin Brown was born in South Africa. From a very early age Dr. Brown was interested in the health care profession. He was so impressed with chiropractic that after...
  Dr. Thompson was born and raised on a small farm in Yakima, Washington. Before coming to The Dominican Republic he completed and Associate of Arts degree from Yakima Valley... Learn More  
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