Dr. Liam P.


Dr. Michael


Dr. Judd


Dr. Chris


Drs. Liam, Michael, Judd and Chris have worked together in chiropractic for over 15 years. After working in South America and North America and caring for 100,000’s of practice members they have developed systems for practice member acquisition, seminars, great chiropractic products, mission trips, and career opportunities with associateship positions in South America.

Their expertise has been successfully tested in over 25 high volume cash practices world wide.

Multiple times per year Schübel Vision© seminars are offered at select locations around the world.  These seminars showcase the powerful mindset and communication strategies that we have designed to create more abundance in your life and practice. Learn More.

We also offer seminars that teach Schübel Systems© which is the exact system we use in all of our offices world wide. 

We now offer our complete system in a series of DVDs, scripts, written material, along with other great chiropractic products that guarantee your success. Our total practice management system comes with everything you need to run a successful high volume cash practice. There is no coaching necessary. There are no monthly fees and no contracts.Learn More.

We have developed a highly organized, principled, all inclusive mission trip that is dedicated to making you a better chiropractor while serving women, children and families with chiropractic. The Schübel Vision World Wide© mission trip includes adjusting in the shanty towns of Lima, Peru as well as the mysterious Amazon Jungle and the 7th wonder of the world-Machu Picchu. Our entire trip is guided by Dr. Chris Taylor. He will be your group leader during your mission adventure. With Dr. Taylor´s 8 years of experience living and practicing in Peru, he is fluent in Spanish and well versed in the geography and local customs. Your lodging and cuisine are all 4 and 5 star, immersing you in the culture of Peru while keeping you safe and comfortable. Learn More.

Schübel Vision World Wide© offers the employment opportunity of a lifetime in Latin America as an associate doctor in one of our many offices. This position is for highly motivated chiropractors that will be trained to utilize the Schubel System in a high volume principled cash practice. We offer an initial 1 year contract with additional long term employment opportunities for those doctors that wish to make Schübel Vision World Wide© their permanent home. Learn More.